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About UsWe Provide Quality Business & Smart Solution

Established on August 30,2010. K SYSTEM is headquarteded in India's leading software center-Pune,a destination sought by renowned global companies.

Within a short span of 10 years, K SYSTEM has grown as a reputed software development company and has mainted a consistently rising growth chart. Founded on core values, K SYSTEM has grown to become a recognized IT service provider in its own niche of application domains.The consistent efforts to develop the skills and services provided to clients, K SYSTEM has adopted a professional approach based on time tested methodologies and proven project management abilities,all packaged together at economical and viable rates.

Our business partners or clients have entrusted us with several crucial projects, a projection of our services and credibility. With proven software development,quality assurance methodologies and testing expertise,our customers have come to us repeatedly, time and again, setting a benchmark to quality of services we offer.The repeated success of our projects is based on high quality software and effective time management for entire software development process, all provided within customer's budget,to ensure our commitment for cost and performance is achieved.

All this has been possible due to our quality compliance policy,based on core concept of bringing in excellence and perfection in all that K SYSTEM does for its customers,whom we call as our business partners.Keeping our approach as simple and clear as possible,we say that we services which are reliable,stable,consistent,bug free, and value for money.


Vision and Objectives

Leveraging its services with the aim to meet growing IT needs of a global economy; all services provided by K System are focused on following objectives, which have been guiding factor behind our growth.

Selection and performance of highly leveraged, collaborative quantitative research projects and applications that lead to excellence and improved cost effectiveness in global K System engineering practice. - Pursuit of global outreach programs with national and international industries, to improve world safety, product quality, along with social and economical wellbeing.

Our Process

process is defined as series of actions or steps, which are planned and systematically organized, and are needed to be undertaken to achieve the set target. At K System as well, we insist on systematic and planned approach, in which various activities assume importance at different stages of the project life cycle


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