KTrack - GPS Vehicle Tracking System

The KTrack is specially designed for remotely managing your vehicle's. This GPS based device can easily and smartly administer your vehicle's locations,speed,fuel,route,status and many more.It is an ideal solution for improved security,efficiency also saving time,money and energy. It comprises of smart features like -
  • Real time tracking
  • Speed-Fuel-Route monitoring
  • Route violation / Geo fencing alert
  • Ignition / Undue stoppage alert
  • Anytime / Anywhere access
  • Fleet and Field service management
  • School bus tracker
  • Anti-theft / misuse
  • Better root planning

KTrack Mechanism
The KTrack works on sophisticated GPS tracking technology with advanced mapping and reporting software. The KTrack device is built with GPS receiver chip that can easily locate latitudes and longitudes of the desired location through global satelites. This information is fed into the 32 bit processor that decodes it and is sends to the KTrack server.These data are matched with the co-ordinates in order to track the location of the vehicle.Inaddition,with the assistance of geo-coding,we can easily know the location of the vehicle with its exact address and pin code.

When the user is travelling in remote zones, where the network is barred or not available, all the data or information is stored on the device. When the vehicle enters in network coverage area, the information is safely reported to the server.

A report of varied activities is easily accessible in HTML, Excel,Word, Text formats. These reports mainly comprise of geo-fencing, fuel consumption details, speed specifications, location details, etc.